Isabella Ciardelli


Miami (willing to relocate)


One-sentence bio

Someone who will always try to bring human truth to their creative works.

Creative philosophy or approach

I became a copywriter to help find creative solutions to strategic and cultural problems.

I also became a copywriter to aid in the tireless fight against the misuse of their, they're and there.

And then/than. Please don't get those mixed up...

Recent work I'm proud of

In a ​matter of hours, the world stopped. COVID-19 quite literally came between. Human beings were told to go against their nature and stay apart. So, in solidarity, Lego's will be social distancing too. So we call on you to create, using social media and only ONE lego.

Recent work I admired

The Netfilx Spoiler spec campaign done amidst COVID-19 by students. I think it was inspired by such a practical and real insight, and so simple yet perfectly crafted.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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