Hussam Moustapha

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Cairo, Egypt • Creative/Copywriter


One-sentence bio

Fond of big ideas, playing with words, making connections, and finding solutions.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe that everything is connected in the creative journey. It's more of a treasure hunt game, you keep following the riddles till you find a new path. I call this journey "EL7ALAZONA." What does that mean? I don't even know! But as usual, I won't sleep till I get it.

Recent work I’m proud of

While donations communication messages in Egypt have become traditional and repetitive, mostly playing on the emotional side. We came up with "The Hearts Orchestra" a musical donation initiative for Magdy Yaqoub Heart Foundation for children in Egypt that turn those heartbeats into synced melodies from all genres enabling people to donate with a thing they love the most though their music apps on their mobiles.

Link to campaign:

Hussam Moustapha recent work

Recent work I admired

Fearless Girl by McCann New York. Absolutely amazing, simple and relevant.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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