Hersh Rephun


Iowa City



One-sentence bio

I occupy that all-important sweet spot between what you want to say and how it comes out.

Creative philosophy or approach

Regardless of the medium, I try to make life digestible, because the truth tastes funny.

Recent work I'm proud of

I led a creative team charged with introducing a 50 year old French brand to a new generation of Americans. Known as a "comfort walking shoe," Mephisto was appealing to the 65+ crowd. We devised the tagline "Mephisto Walks," showcasing movement from walking, to dancing and parkour. The message was, "No matter how you get there...Mephisto walks."

Recent work I admired

This campaign taking on domestic abuse for WMP on Int'l Womens Day really impressed me. It was a domestic abuse PSA via Dentsu Thailand, turning a fight arena into a learning lesson. Unexpected and provocative.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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