Hendrik Jaques Lombard





One-sentence bio

Copywriter with conceptual chops and experience in traditional and digital agencies.

Creative philosophy or approach

Curiosity > Compassion > Collaboration > Concept > Copy

Recent work I'm proud of

Our client, an electronics retailer, needed to cut through the noise for Black Friday.

Our solution: Replace the colors in familiar songs with the word "black" using intriguing animations and playful copy. Eg. "Nights in black satin ...Sleepless nights? Starting to see black everywhere? We also can't wait for the amazing Digicape Black Friday deals."

Recent work I admired

The recent KFC campaign that placed the "Finger Licking Good" slogan in small copy over the lips of people savoring their meals.

I admire the way it placed the focus squarely on the experience of the customer. A simple moment becomes a highly relatable visual that perfectly fits the brand, but the customer remains the hero.

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