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New York • Art Director



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An Asian mind with an ambitious grind, and a Latina soul inside an adventurous troll.

Creative philosophy or approach

People say customer is king, but for me, research is Queen B on top of the king (no pun intended). Without research you can’t find the best bars to drink real mezcal, the best horror movies to Netflix and chill, nor the best insight to win the brief. Perhaps you have a good idea, but if you don’t have concrete data to back you up, your idea is just good, not great. I even search for the stupidest/craziest ideas to see if they could actually work, and surprisingly enough, they do (most of the times). Once my Asian left brain tells me I’m good to go, then my Latina right brain starts crafting non-stop until both brains decide the work is perfect.

Recent work I’m proud of

One of the campaigns I’m most proud of is “The Sounds of Domestic Violence” for Mutua Madrileña. It won gold and the Atresmedia Award at #NosDueleATodos in Spain, and a shortlist at Circulo Creativo in Mexico. It was also broadcasted in national TV with over 50 press mentions in Spain. Through research we discovered that home, a place of safety, is the most dangerous place for victims of domestic abuse. However, only 10% of police reports are submitted by neighbors of the victims. With "The Sounds of Domestic Violence" we encourage them to have an active role in this fight.

Link to campaign: https://www.theasianlatina.com/sounds-of-domestic-violence

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Recent work I admired

Hinge - “The Dating App Designed to Be Deleted” by Red Antler

We all have used dating apps once(or more) in our lives, and we don’t want to be reminded about another dating app to tell us about romance and stuff. So what does Hinge do? Position themselves with their new brand mission "dating app designed to be deleted and and bringing their app icon to life and kill it every time someone finds new love. Not only is the art direction aesthetically pleasing, but also the copy is pretty hilarious. The whole campaign is just spot on that if you see the campaign, it will make you want to download the app, if you haven’t already. I know I did.

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