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Lisbon • Commercial Director


One-sentence bio

I’m a passionate storyteller with trans-atlantic roots on a constant look out for the next great idea that will craft a beautiful film.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe that every idea has its unique essence—a particular truth that provides it with a universal appeal. This is what I love to do: understand the idea and, through a distinct style and mood, render it into a compelling, original and engaging story.

Recent work I’m proud of

One aspect that struck me during quarantine was that, at a global scale, we had never spent so much continuous time sitting down. So, when approached to direct a piece for an association for the physically disabled, I asked 7 different directors of photography to join me in recording, using only whichever smartphones we had at hand, little snippets of life during quarantine in each of our individual homes. In particular, shots that would illustrate how our lives in temporary confinement relate to the daily struggles of those who live it permanently.

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Guilherme Branquinho recent work

Recent work I admired

Title: The Unlimited Power of Beauty
Agency: BETC
Production company: Iconoclast
Director: Jonas Lindstroem

For the simplicity in its execution, the depth of its story and the power of its message. It is a strikingly stylish ode to beauty as an inner force that accompanies us throughout our live, in the good times and in the bad.

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