Freya Dumasia


New York


One-sentence bio

A strategic planner who has worked agencies across the globe in Auckland, Dubai, Milan and New York and always has a finger on the pulse of culture.

Creative philosophy or approach

A strategist within an agency is like a conductor of an orchestra. Formulating a strategy that is rooted in insights of human behaviors, trends and market analysis, culture and business. The strategist directs the performance and sets the tempo with the brand strategy. This inspires and leads the way for art directors and copywriters to ideate and account management to execute, all in all, shaping the beautiful sound of the ensemble.

Recent work I'm proud of

Reconnected, A Wyndham Grand Family Experience. Adults and kids are glued to their personal devices. How can a hotel brand bring them closer together during family vacations? Guests could book a one-of-a-kind experience that encourages parents to put their phones away and make memories simply by being together. This came to life through creative in-room activities, such as building an architect- designed blanket fort, creating shadow puppets with a flashlight, s'mores pops and Instax® instant cameras. The campaign gained 2,964,328M campaign impressions, 116%+ Wyndham Grand ROI and was featured in publications, which led to the launch of Phone-Free Zones.

Recent work I admired

A campaign that has an impact on human behavior and enters into conversation, is always a powerful one. British Vogue and L'Oreal Collaborated on a Special 'Non-Issue'- a celebration of ageless style and beauty, and helps to increase visibility for women over the age of 50, who are often left out of these conversations by mainstream media. This project was powered by McCann, which helped spark discussions on ageism. Moving the stereotypes of negative bias towards older people (particularly women) around aging to one of an empowered statement that positively shaped everyone's perception of age.

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