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New York • Designer



One-sentence bio

New York-based designer focused on moving image and visual design for new media whose work has been exhibited by SVA-NYC and the American Museum of Natural History.

Creative philosophy or approach

As a designer, I am constantly exploring the intersection between digital and analog materials. I am driven by pop culture, mistakes as a means to discover new techniques for creating and the special aid of Elohim.

Recent work I’m proud of

For the INTO ACT!ON GIF campaign I had the chance to bring to life meaningful messages for current issues that affect local and global communities such as Coronavirus, Democracy, and Racism. The GIFs set I created has risen awareness into the American citizens with a reach to more than 30M of views. I take pride in the results I have brought to this project and I have a special thanks to the talented Head of Design Pablo Medina for inviting me to work in this campaign. https://felipeavila.tv/into-action-GIFs

Link to campaign: https://giphy.com/intoaction

Felipe Avila recent work

Recent work I admired

Casper’s Puzzles subway campaign is a clever example of how to captivate. Regardless someone is interested in buying a mattress, Casper puzzles are enough catchy to keep an audience hanging on the ad idea without ask to buy a product.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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