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One-sentence bio

I was born breech on a full moon and haven't looked back since.

Creative philosophy or approach

I like dumb ideas, and the dumber the better. When I'm brainstorming with a partner, I like to say, "okay, what's something dumb we can do?" Dumb Ways to Die was dumb. Be Stupid was pretty dumb, too. Dumb ideas aren't just more fun and entertaining, they're smart and strategic in disguise. And the best ideas almost always start out as dumb ones.

Recent work I’m proud of

Would you delete all your Instagram pictures for the chance to take new ones around the world? That’s what we asked people to do to enter our 2019 All You Can Jet Sweepstakes, which offered three lucky winners unlimited flights for a year to any of JetBlue’s 100+ destinations.

In just two weeks, 30,000 people cleared their Instagram and turned their feed into an ad for us. And with $2.5 million in earned media, 1,000+ organic news placements and more than 1 billion impressions, it became JetBlue's most covered campaign ever, which is something I’m pretty proud of.

Link to campaign: https://vimeo.com/401982938

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Recent work I admired

The Mint Mobile campaign from Ryan Reynolds where he randomly left their customers voicemails to let them know they can get unlimited data for free right now was perfect. It's a more entertaining and, well, dumber way of communicating that the brand is offering help during the pandemic. He's crushing it, other brands should be taking notes.

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