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Long Beach, Calif. • Senior Strategist


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A storyteller and a strategist, with expertise in brand communications, content development and management, thought leadership, employee engagement, event strategy and team leadership.

Creative philosophy or approach

From employee to exec, and customer to celebrity, my work has always been focused on people; what they want, what makes them tick, and how to connect them with each other, with brands and with experiences.

Recent work I’m proud of

The 2019 Hulu Upfront was both incredibly challenging and rewarding. The strategy focused on creating a unique experience in a static environment. From pre to post, from entry to exit, we ensured entertainment and authenticity throughout the experience, from the quirky coffee cup wraps to the dynamic stage experience, everyone was wow-ed from attendee to exec to the star-studded speaker line-up!

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Erin Hughes recent work

Recent work I admired

Not a full campaign, but Aviation Gin's response to the Peloton holiday ad was classic. It was smart, it was quick, it tapped into a cultural insight and it was funny! Bravo.

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