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Barcelona • Strategic and Creative Copywriter



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I call myself a strategic and creative copywriter with experience in brand consultancy.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe creativity is all about mixing. Talents, passions, experiences. So, why should I just call myself a copywriter when I can also sing and be a songwriter? Why should I just promote brands when I can also promote the changes I wish to see in this world?

Recent work I'm proud of

"Primavera excepcional" is a campaign my team and I launched for the online flower delivery service Colvin just a few days after the quarantine began. We were supposed to launch a campaign for the new Spring collection, but the briefing changed. In 5 days we released a video that not only celebrates the incredible power people have to adapt to difficult during times but also sends a message of hope to everyone, including growers, to whom Colvin is providing economic support during the current pandemic.

Link to campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=eJBwF_wM-y8&feature=emb_title

Enya Murphy Miguel recent work

Recent work I admired

"Courage is beautiful." I love it when a brand is not only consistent with its values but also proves its mission goes beyond any commercial purpose and adapts to any given social situation. It's not about showing support, it's about speaking the truth, and this campaign does it beautifully.

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