Elliot Aronow


Brooklyn, New York



One-sentence bio

I am a creative consultant and copywriter, largely focused on connecting and expanding the worlds of music, style, and wellness.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe that the best way to reach people is to offer something so good and beautiful that becomes "business art." Advertising begs to be liked, business art loves to be enjoyed.

Recent work I'm proud of

To help Downtown Music Holdings raise awareness with key clients, artist managers, and advertising partners, I was engaged to write, edit, art direct and creative direct a boutique print publication celebrating the craft of their artists, and the culture of their global business.

Recent work I admired

Ikea's "CV-19 instruction" manual featuring a door closing and checklist of toilet paper and a lock was very well done and is perhaps the only time historically that Ikea instructions were easy to follow and understand.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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