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Birmingham, England • Junior Creative



One-sentence bio

Multi-skilled creative with a flair for visual imagery.

Creative philosophy or approach

I look at all things with naive eyes, half-closed in order to dig through the clutter. I believe in creating for the sake of existing and sorting yourself out. It's a natural output which builds day by day and shape-shifts constantly. I am a recent graduate so my eyes are as open as they can be.

Recent work I'm proud of

I was a student until three days ago. However, I have been documenting my travels and experiences in black and white and with a fine grain added to the photographs from Italy to illustrate and recreate the mysterious way of life in the mediterranean. They include almost no people, with empty streets and beaches - devoid of life but full of energy.

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Edina Iacob recent work

Recent work I admired

I absolutely loved the recent Nike campaign, 'You Can't Stop Us.' From the moving words and soul-shattering emotionality instilled in the watchers, to the flawless editing and montage it was direct, powerful - it is a piece of art and culture-bound to remain relevant in the years to come. I love the simplicity paired with power; I feel they make a great combo and are extremely effective in communicating brand messages.

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