Deb Maltzman and Angela Denise

Deb Maltzman and Angela Denise  headshot

Location • Title

New York City • Creative Director Team


One-sentence bio

After 10+ years working together, this CD team is a nimble, strategic, well-oiled machine.

Creative philosophy or approach

Keep your ideas simple—and your relationships strong.

Recent work I’m proud of

Recently, our work for The Little Mermaid was honored with a Gold Clio, and shortlisted for The One Show. The piece was truly authentic, and celebrated the real fans of this cultural phenomenon. We worked hard to make it happen (yay, partnership!). We also made many people cry, and that's just fine with us.

Link to campaign:

Deb Maltzman and Angela Denise  recent work

Recent work I admired

We have to say, the Moldy Whopper. It was just so damn simple, and stopped you in your tracks. And you can tell it came out of a trusting relationship with a great client. Love that.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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