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Boulder (but open to packing up and moving) • Creative Director, Copywriter, Agency Runner



One-sentence bio

Ad nerd, nugget miner (when CDing), client whisperer, and copy chameleon.

Creative philosophy or approach

First, it’s great to work with kind people who want to make something interesting, but also understand it’s not life or death. I usually like to start with a human thought, season it with a little empathy and humility, and then see what sort of small idea we might be able to tease out of it that can go on to resonate in a bigger way.

Recent work I’m proud of

Just did a project with some amazing folks at the The Art of Good, where we helped a family-run art studio in Fountain Hill, PA, that was being impacted by Covid. How great is it when the campaign objectives are to keep a business afloat by putting paint brushes in people’s hands at home, and pollinating positivity through what’s created.

Link to campaign: https://www.theartestablishmentstudios.com/

David Smail recent work

Recent work I admired

Last thing I nodded and tittered at was the Geico work for bundling home and car insurance. I think we all have a Cynthia involved with our HOA. Reminds me, I have to get a quote to fix our fence.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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