Daniela Cassis





One-sentence bio

Art director. I do things and tell stories to delight restless eyes.

Creative philosophy or approach

My eyes are restless. You know when you enter a room and your eyes travel in every direction? Searching for the atmosphere and its sensation. Eavesdropping through the windows, the light coming from outside, the paintings hanging on the wall, the furniture's position, dimension and colour. The harmony, the style, even the softness of the floor.

That's me, looking for the identity of things. Taking my time to find its essence, because it's all about the little details. After that, I just roll with it until I manage to surprise even the most demanding eyes. My own.

Recent work I'm proud of

Knowing that financial problems have been linked to mental issues, my teammate and I came up with the first bank program which tracks your mood for a better financial state. For this purpose, we created an app that receives data and then translates it into mood categories to let you know and keep track of your purchases according to your state.

The UX/UI design is crafted into color psychology and typographic studies. The main goal was to build an experience that looks clean and human-oriented (far from the usual corporate approach.) —A student work

Recent work I admired

A Gucci campaign for launching beauty line products. At first without having any product yet, the brand decided to communicate it through famous old paintings. It was immediately aligned with Alessandro Michele thought about his redefinition of beauty. Later, the whole campaign goes under the tag "for the bold, the bright, and the beautiful". Different, simple, and clever.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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