Daniel Azneer


Los Angeles



One-sentence bio

The arugula of ad agency folk, a little spicy and makes you feel good.

Creative philosophy or approach

This is such a hard question. But I'm a copywriter who isn't afraid of rolling up my sleeves and writing a million headlines, I ask questions constantly to make sure we're saying the right things to our prospects and I'm not a dick.

Recent work I'm proud of

It's hard to sum up everything that DC Comics fans love about DC Comics. So we didn't do that. Instead we showcased everything that lives on DC Universe, the DC Comic streaming platform, in a fun OOH and digital campaign.

Recent work I admired

The Postmates work that's everywhere in LA. It's so simple. It's food in your phone! Plus the Jeanpaul Douglass photography is *chefs kiss*

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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