Dalip Singh

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New Delhi, India • Creative Director



One-sentence bio

Lives art. Breathes life.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe in creating work that surpasses the boundaries of the mundane. Work that changes conversations. Work that builds brands. Work that is unconventional. Believing in the power of creative storytelling, what I create today should inspire others tomorrow. As a creative director, I love collaborating with the belief of learning every day while striving for perfection.

Recent work I’m proud of

The Samsung Bixby Voice Forever is close to my heart. We created world’s first personalized AI Voice Assistant for MND patients. Wherein the voice of the Bixby was replaced with the voice of an MND patient so that her family members can hear her voice even after she is unable to speak. The campaign not only won all the major awards but hearts too.

Link to campaign: https://clios.com/health/winner/digital-mobile-health-wellness/bixby/voice-forever-67643

Dalip Singh recent work

Recent work I admired

The Burger King Moldy Whopper campaign is a work that I admire. It not only broke every rule of the category but changed conversation for once and all. What's more the campaign gave birth to a new wave of advertising where three agencies not related to each other collaborated across geographies to solve a marketing problem for the client.

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