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Provo, Utah • Producer


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A filmmaker who loves trees.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe that storytelling can reveal the realities of the human condition and experience, which creates space for the development of true empathy. My work speaks to this belief, that we can connect individuals, stories, experiences, and shared realities, all for this goal of encouraging empathy. In this pursuit, I have worked with amazing people, from directors to production assistants, who have shared this vision of creativity. As a commercial and film producer, I strive to create environments where my crew members can flourish and produce the highest quality product.

Recent work I’m proud of

I came across an article that caught my attention: a man was being charged with harboring illegal immigrants and faced up to 20 years in prison. I couldn’t believe it. A modern-day Good Samaritan story of an individual who was choosing to follow a higher law. As a way to internalize my feelings for the humanitarian aid crisis at the border, I concepted the story for this video and served as the producer. In this role, I helped shape the story and oversee all aspects of production on this project, from script development to on-set management to post-production.

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Recent work I admired

This is another student spec project, but I wanted to highlight the work of my fellow classmates. Their work makes me want to make better work. This campaign that I'm referring to is called FedExtreme, a spec project for FedEx. Essentially, the concept revolves around the idea that FedEx employees go above and beyond to deliver your packages. It's so funny and a lot of fun.

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