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Chicago • Associate Creative Director, Art Director


One-sentence bio

One sentence, huh? Oh no, that was not the sentence. Shoot, neither was that one. I'm an award-winning art director who's in it for the laughs.

Creative philosophy or approach

Be memorable. Be inspiring. Be entertaining. Those are the things that break through. Although we are just mortals, our work has the opportunity to live forever.

Recent work I’m proud of

Recent campaign with Jake from State Farm called Real Upgrade. Jake is cool and likable, no doubt. But I think his coolness score just doubled in this campaign. The picture is pretty great looking and we're super happy with the FX work. More to come!

Link to campaign:

Claudio Venturini recent work

Recent work I admired

Mamba Forever by Nike. Never have we seen small words be so impactful without picture. Although we are taking through a journey on a black screen, all the images were filled in with our minds. It was a touching tribute, masterfully executed. We will miss Kobe, and this tribute was just. done. right.

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