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Brooklyn, N.Y. • Designer, Creative Director


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Chuck is a designer and creative director who joyfully searches for brave and curious people looking for different ways of tackling new (and old) problems in a world of endless opportunities—while leading, learning, consulting, making, building, growing, and sharing amazing—and effective—stuff along the way

Creative philosophy or approach

As a human first and a designer second, every day, every task, every adventure influences and evolves his perspective and how he applies his thinking to the world that he creates and lives within. The insights uncovered through the interactions between people, things, and cultures define who we are and how we live and are at the core of how he solves problems.

Recent work I’m proud of

40 Floors. Thousands of Stories.

Bold, artistic and original, Fifteen Fifty is a new residential building designed to serve as a center point for those who call it home. From its central location and iconic architecture to its wellness-focused amenities whose scope and size set a new benchmark for San Francisco, Fifteen Fifty helps answer how to live a naturally centered life. This strategic foundation, supported by brave clients, allowed the exploration of the irreverent side of the people and lifestyle that might live here.

Located on the corner of Van Ness and Mission, Fifteen Fifty is the focal point of "Van Mission", a dynamic new placemaking destination situated in the heart of San Francisco’s most sought after neighborhoods. The ability to explore beyond the building and defining a neighborhood through the lens of playful yet confident imagery and storytelling, gave the opportunity to imagine and build a brand with impact and delight.

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Recent work I admired

The latest surge of insurance campaigns are funny, memorable, and offer everything from great visual cues, memorable performances, and playful sound bites that are constantly repeated. From Progressive and its mid-commercial halftime show and meta commercial in a commercial, to Liberty Mutual with the Statue of Liberty in every shot, to Allstate, Geico, and so on. All have created a solid platform and familiar framework that allows them to create mini-episodes, mini-stories that are as distant from each other as possible while connecting to an equally diverse audience. It's campaigns with flexibility that still tell a concise story that allow creativity and imagination flourish.

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