César Rodriguez and Pjotr Barakov

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Location • Title

London • Junior Creative Team



One-sentence bio

A Spaniard and a Estonian enter a pub in London. And stay for a loooong time.

Creative philosophy or approach

Whatever you make, it should make your audience think, laugh or cry.

Recent work I’m proud of

Tesco Sunflower Lanyards allowed us to show why hidden disabilities are close to Tesco's heart in a truthful, non-wanky way.

Link to campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e98VcHZkO1k

César and Pjotr recent work

Recent work I admired

Rocket Mortgage for the Super Bowl. True human insight, a funny execution and a celeb playing himself without cringe. That's not very common nowadays.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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