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Los Angeles • Publicist, Communications Consultant


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I specialize in bespoke publicity and marketing campaigns, creative strategy, and communications for people with talent and brands with vision.

Creative philosophy or approach

Passionate for creatives’ work to be noticed and stories behind their artistry to be shared, I create the conditions for those conversations to be ongoing and highly visible. I’m inspired by the imagination, creativity, and passion that goes into creative work, but what really propels me is how a meaningful story can have so much consequence. That’s why I love to tell stories, shining a light on the people that bring them to life via the media. It elates me to help create, shape, then share exceptional narratives and concepts to communicate messaging that make people and their work memorable.

Recent work I’m proud of

Rarely do I tout work I produce as a publicist since we’re the hidden creative behind creatives' work getting eyeballs, but I’m proud of the PR visibility I helped generate for Mojo Supermarket’s Give Her A Break campaign during this year’s Oscars. Upon discovery, I researched, realizing the media hadn’t covered. I immediately contacted them, enlisting my PR services pro bono since a non-profit. I went wide to industry press and Give Her A Break received major worldwide media coverage. The organization also received social shares by director Alma Har'el, who helped the campaign's initiative go viral, receiving international recognition.

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Recent work I admired

I'm deeply moved by W+K’s Nike "Play for the World" campaign. I’m a fan of just about any Nike work, but the simplicity in the message is powerful. Because at the moment it's not just about getting the best out of ourselves. It’s also about showing solidarity with the world community by going without social contact in sports, whether playing or being a spectator. A hard thing for many, but the right thing. Plus, who's never related to wanting for at least a moment to feel like a star athlete? We’re all part of the same team now.

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