Carlos Meza

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Buenos Aires • Senior Art Director


One-sentence bio

Let me graph it.

Creative philosophy or approach

I work well under pressure. I am good in a crisis. I really like to think about ideas. All briefs are important. I have a phrase—if you do not understand, "Let me graph it."

Recent work I’m proud of

You take a brief from day to day and we make it an opportunity. The death of Isabel "Coca" Sarli at 83 left sadness in the Argentines since she was one of the historical divas of Argentine cinema. Together with Coca-Cola we dedicated an emotional message to it. Coca-Cola let us "cut" the second name to simply leave the word "Coca" highlighted with the legend "1935-2019."

Link to campaign:

Carlos Meza  recent work

Recent work I admired

I like Burger King's "Moldy Whopper," a campaign so controversial that it generates the impact I am looking for, in which it shows its flagship product consumed by mold. Going around as a sample that takes care of its products and that it has no preservatives.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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