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Los Angeles • Creative Director / Art Director


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Experienced and award-winning creative director + art director in the advertising industry.

Creative philosophy or approach

It's always about finding that sweet spot where the brief and what feels truly meaningful and interesting to you intersect. I believe there is always a solution that can be found to fit that criteria no matter how many times the forces that be dash your hopes and often times the more difficult the circumstances are, the more creative the solution ends up being.

Recent work I’m proud of

I recently worked on an unusual campaign with Anomaly LA, Uber Eats and McDonald's. It was kind of an odd project but we got to have so much fun with it. Uber Eats wanted to do a special holiday promotion with McD's so we made a 3 hour piping-hot pie video. A clever twist on the well-worn fireplace video parody. In ours, since it was the beloved steaming apple pies, all sorts of characters and a few celebs turn up to pilfer the pies. We made a 3 hour product shot charming and fun.

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Bryan Carroll recent work

Recent work I admired

Ryan Reynolds and advertising? How did that happen? He keeps making funny, clever and unexpected stuff. Just watched the Mint Mobile ad, which is fun, feels fresh for theses times of Covid-hindered-production and takes the piss out of presentation decks which we all have to make a zillion of. Thanks, Ryan.

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