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New York • Copywriter


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Copywriter and creative for digital, social and entertainment with neutral stance on the Oxford comma.

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As a social and digital copywriter for Peacock, AMC Networks, Saturday Night Live, CNBC, Amazon and more, I've had boots on the ground in creating and executing copy and campaigns for tens of millions of viewers and followers. Plus, my background writing and producing television at MTV, Fuse and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon makes me a unique 360-degree candidate who knows how to optimize creative content for every platform possible.

Recent work I’m proud of

As a digital and social copywriter at AMC Networks, I launched a slate of Hanukkah-themed editorial content for including videos, blog posts and design assets to make their annual "Best Christmas Ever" campaign more inclusive.

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Brianna Jacobson recent work

Recent work I admired

It's not a campaign, but whatever comic genius is responsible for the Progressive commercial that features Flo interviewing Big Foot deserves immediate entry into the Friars Club. It is such a simple premise, and the hilarious punchline ensures that the viewer will remember laughing at it.

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