Ben Steele


Yorkshire, East


One-sentence bio

Copywriting, comms and social media, efficiently & passionately delivered

Creative philosophy or approach

I intentionally don't stick to one creative philosophy. Any answer to the contrary would be a lie!

Recent work I'm proud of

I worked closely with the marketing team at Nike to deliver a multichannel campaign to launch their Verona Max trainer in London. I loved the autonomy I had in working with influencers, carefully negotiating budgets and ensuring the deliverables were nailed down. It was really successful and led to a long term partnership with Beautystack, a marketplace championing independent beauty professionals.

Recent work I admired

I was very impressed with the Clap for our Carers movement that seems to largely have gathered traction through a combination of corporate support and word of mouth - a real tribute to the character of this country. I also thought Wembley Stadium lighting up blue in support of the NHS - not a campaign but a strong and empowering visual!

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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