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Lahore, Pakistan • Associate Creative Director


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When creativity and marketing overlap on a Venn diagram.

Creative philosophy or approach

I'm an avid learner who believes you can never learn enough. That creativity is fluid and can never be switched off. That you need to always be observant, open and curious. I believe some constants are required along with the essential update and replenishment of your software.

Recent work I’m proud of

Jumbo Junior, a biscuit brand for kids. A campaign with relevant social message for leaders of tomorrow. With the ultimate goal to change the world for the better, one child at a time. As children build impactful habits at an early age, this was about teaching young kids about environmental and social awareness. No other brand in the category was communicating such messages that are targeted towards children. The campaign succeeded in engaging kids to take part in such causes and the brand also grew its market share in comparison with other players and with past performance of the brand.

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Recent work I admired

One recent campaign that jolted me was Nike’s Just Do It "Dream Crazy." Bringing in Colin Kaepernick, they broke all the rules going above and beyond. It was fresh and radical. The campaign became an instant classic, and it takes guts to do that!

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