Andy Barbo


Portland, Ore.


One-sentence bio

I'm a freelance animator and illustrator for brains and businesses in need of motion graphics, dynamic social media posts, and appealing advertisements.

Creative philosophy or approach

In a world where earning one more second of audience attention is the difference between closing a sale or not, adding motion and animation is a valuable tool to keep the eyeballs on your brand, be more memorable and sell more stuff.

Recent work I'm proud of

I animated a logo for Portland Rising, the first professional sports team out of the state of Maine. They're looking for something dynamic and on brand to add value to their growing digital media content campaigns.

Recent work I admired

I've always been a big fan of vector art animations like what the folks at Kurgesagt (in a nutshell) create on their YouTube channel. To have my fingerprints on any of their projects would be a dream come true.

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