Andrew Jolliffe


Paris, France


One-sentence bio

I am a copywriter with 27 years' experience, 25 awards, the patience of a saint and the ability to position any brand you throw at me.

Creative philosophy or approach

Here's my recipe. Ingredients: 28 years' experience, 1 lean brief, 1 low-fat timeframe, coffee, pressure to season. Preparation: read. Ask. Read again. Question. Method: Breathe deeply for 30 seconds. Combine all ingredients in a small room, stirring occasionally over a high heat, adding coffee if mixture appears stiff and lumpy. Pour onto a rectangle of clean, white paper and continue stirring, ensuring the mixture does not combine fully till ready. Bake for 30 seconds or less in a moderate head till golden. Decorate with a cherry of choice: one more ad, another ten lines, a second positioning. Serve immediately.

Recent work I'm proud of

I've just helped launch Illucity, the world's first virtual reality nightclub. I even created the name. Building the first bare bones of a brand is my big love, turning insights and a truth into a positioning, a statement and a manifesto. The things that say why a brand exists.

Recent work I admired

The recent re-brand of Monoprix here in France touches people everywhere. There are no pressured messages or pretentious images of gooey smiling androgenous shoppers. Just witty lines and warm colours. Every poster, every in-store widget, even every tin of tuna raises a smile and talks to you like a mate. Proving that shoppers are human beings with emotions rather than bottom lines.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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