Sylvester Stallone Scales His Own Mountainous Face in a Big Game Commercial

Sly gets a huge head for Paramount+

Harkening back to his Cliffhanger days, Sylvester Stallone dangles from a craggy peek that looks exactly like his own craggy face in Droga5's amusing Super Bowl :60 for Paramount+.

In fact, that's the media giant's iconic Paramount Mountain, redressed to resemble the action movie hero. 

Does he ultimately fall to the frozen landscape below? Let's just say ... Sly's no angel.

No jokes about the Rocky Mountains, please.

"In a category that thrives on excitement cycles of new shows and old favorites, keeping eyeballs is a challenge with audiences that are ready to switch services at a moment’s notice," says Droga5. "But with a loved campaign, we're building on the momentum with our Mountain of Entertainment and continuing to show how Paramount+'s library is unmatched in delivering the shows and movies fans enjoy."

The agency developed the spot with director David Shane. Paramount+ introduced the campaign concept during the 2021 Super Bowl, but sat out last year's game.

Sly's Tulsa King series bowed on the streamer in November. Other platform characters appearing in the new SB spot include Dora the Explorer, Captain Pike from Star Trek, Beckett Mariner of Lower Decks and Lt. Dangle from Reno 911. Stallone's three daughters put in an appearance, too.


Agency: Droga5 NY
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Bell
Executive Creative Director: Dan Kelly
Senior Copywriter: Sean Buckhorn
Senior Creative Director: Gonzalo Navarro
Copywriter: Alli Walker
Art Director: Luke Johnson        
Senior Project Manager: Amanda Cohen
Group Account Director: Aikisha Prince
Account Director: Anthony Gavranic
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Executive Film Producer: Jeremy Fox
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Film Producer: Hugh Copeland
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Associate Film Producer: Sparkman Clark
Business Affairs Manager: Allison Goldblatt
Senior Talent Manager: Sunny Valencia
Brand Strategy Director: Justin Engel
Communications Strategy Director: Clark Cofer        
Client: Paramount+
EVP, CMO, Head of Marketing & Data: Domenic DiMeglio
SVP, Content Strategy & Marketing: Malene Sam
SVP, Creative Marketing: Terry Minogue
VP, Brand Creative: Janine Evangelista
Senior Creative Director: Jedd Scher
Creative Director: Emmanuelle Lebœuf
SVP, Head of Design: Matthew Hernandez
Senior Director, Design: Mark Weinstein
Creative Director, Design: Michael Sutton-Long
Director of Motion Design Operations: Scott Regier
Design Director: Kelsey DeWeerd
Project Manager: Aurora Albi-Mercier
Director, Video Operations: Steve Davis
VP, Global Brand Marketing: James Cullen
Director, Domestic brand Marketing: Allison Mickler
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SVP Production & Operations: Debbie Beiter
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Senior Director Short Form Production: Chris Daviau
Senior Production Manager: Matt Curley
Associate Producer: Sydney Swartz
Manager of Operations & Planning: Max Matez
Production Manager: Christan Leonard
SVP Business & Legal Affairs: Ranfi Rivera
VP & Counsel: Renat Engel
SVP, Content Acquisition, Partnerships & Operations: Sayuri Shibata 
VP, Project Management: Kira Harrell
Director of Campaign Project Management: Jill Churco
Campaign Project Manager: Dara Driscoll
Campaign Project Manager: Carly DiChiara
Campaign Coordinator: Brianna Jones
Coordinator, Brand Marketing: Patrick Leuders 

Production Company: O Positive
Director: David Shane
DP: Jeff Kim
Production Designer: Joe Cooney 
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer: Marc Grill
Producer: Jason A. Reda
Costume Designer: Cherish Cullison

Editorial: Arcade Edit                                       
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Music: Human 
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Post Production: Parliament 
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Production Team: Lexi Stearn, Anna Kravtsov, Michael Theurer, Sebastien Le Coz, Kate Matos, Michael Theurer,
Creative Team :Andy Wheater, Adam Deutsch, Max Johnson, Chimin Yang, Juan Zavala, Seon Crawford, Cesar Zambelli, Gianluca DiMarco, Myong Choi, James Cudahy, Jay Lee, Naotaka Minami, Rex Privratsy, Sohee Lim, Taner Besen, Tom Bardwell

2D Animation: Titmouse, Inc. 
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Audio: Heard City 
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Sound Designers: Phil Loeb, Evan Mangiamele        

Color: Rare Medium 
Executive Producer: Heath Raymond
Colorist: Fergus McCall        

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