Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad Features So Many Adam Drivers

Do they even know what Squarespace does?


Squarespace just can't get enough of Adam Driver. 

The website builder cast multiple, nearly identical versions of the White Noise star—all rocking a sharp black suit—in this half-minute Super Bowl spot created by the company's in-house team:

That was suitably spacey. And crowded. Right on brand, though. "Websites making websites making websites making websites..." Got it. Thanks for repeating yourself.

The company teased its commercial in a short film that dropped online last week. The mockumentary-style clip clocks in at 2 minutes:

If there was an Ad Meter that ranked Super Bowl teasers, this one would place extremely high. It's a fun, twisty promo/BTS reel that provides plenty of entertainment. Heck, it's as enjoyable as the actual ad. Maybe more so.

"Our Super Bowl commercial features many Adam Drivers, so we thought it would be funny to see them all interacting on set in between takes," says Ben Hughes, VP of creative at Squarespace. "Adam was really enthusiastic about it and we shot it during breaks on the main production."

"This year will be Squarespace's 20th anniversary and we found our initial inspiration in its origin story."

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