Sam Adams and Boston Dynamics Throw a Humans-Robots Party in Super Bowl Ad

Your Cousin From Boston meets his overlords

Robaaaht paaaahty!

Samuel Adams' popular (yet irritating) "Cousin from Boston" boogies with rad (yet terrifying) robots in a regional Super Bowl spot.

We'd hoped the anthropomorphic industrial mechs from Boston Dynamics would whup the pitch-bro's aaahss in preparation for subjugating the rest of humanity. Naturally, nothing violent transpires in the ad from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, which hypes Sam Adams' Wicked IPA Party Pack with a frenzied bash filmed at BD's headquarters with zero CGI.

Here's an extended cut:

Your Cousin From Boston (Dynamics)

That might be the most Baaahston commercial evaaaah made! (To short-circuit the robo-pocalypse, just pass around the brewskies. Good to know.)

Those are some mighty amazing dance moves. From the bots, that is. The cousin, portrayed as always by Greg Hoyt, proves hopeless. BD founder Marc Raibert also appears, along with campaign regular Haas Manning and Boston actress Jennifer Ellen Chase. Aaron Stoller of Biscuit Filmworks directed.

"We knew 'Your Cousin from Boston' had to throw a party, so we thought, What's the craziest party scenario he could get himself into? What's something the world has never seen before? And then it hit us—Boston Dynamics robots!" GS&P associate creative director A.J. Warren tells Muse.

"It gave them an opportunity to show off some functions they had recently developed, such as dancing side-by-side with human beings, grabbing objects from human beings and carrying kegs," Warren says. "We even had them playing beer-pong—but that didn't make the cut for legal reasons with beer-advertising standards," Warren says.

Those dancing and keg-carry sub-routines should come in handy for warehouse work. Or weekends at the frat-house.

And if robo-pong footage leaks to the web, it'd be a total pissaaaah, just like this teaser, which broke a week ago:

Sam Adams Big Game Teaser

The pup's called Spot. Little nipper also answers to "Spaaaht" and he's down with Jimmy Fallon. Atlas performs the backflip and hoists beer barrels, while Stretch bops to the beat.

"These robots are not wheeled onto set and powered on—they walk to set like human beings," says Boston Dynamics marketing lead Nikolas Noel. During the shoot, "we all waited as Atlas gently walked from behind the director onto set like an A-list actor."

"Some of the robots' movements were programmed in advance, but the team also made several live, on-set adjustments, literally typing on their laptops and writing code to guide the robots' movements at 3 in the morning," he says. "This spot is all about humans and robots having fun side-by-side. They're coming together to enjoy a great beer. That's a future Sam Adams can get behind."

"Your Cousin From Boston (Dynamics)" follows last year's regional Super Bowl foray from Sam Adams, with rampaging Clydesdales wreaking havoc among the townies:


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