Rob Gronkowski Returns for Another Big Game 'Kick of Destiny'

Reprising FanDuel's hit from 2023

Which brand will take home the 2024 Super Clio for the best Super Bowl commercial? We'll find out on Feb. 12.

Hey, Rob Gronkowski! Focus this time!

The former New England Patriots tight end famously missed a live 25-yard field goal attempt in FanDuel's popular Super Bowl campaign last year. But redemption beckons in 2024 as Gronk returns for a second shot at the uprights. 

Developed with Wieden+Kennedy New York, "Kick of Destiny 2" expands on the format of its predecessor, with a string of videos designed to generate media buzz in the run-up to Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11.

In the first clip below, Rob looks worse for wear. Seems he's been wandering around the desert in a daze for the past 11 months. Carl Weathers drives by on a motorcycle and offers his coaching services. Apollo Creed himself—he won't let Gronk down!

FanDuel | Desert

With his hair grown wild, Rob looks a bit like Geico's Caveman—who's also involved in SB antics, actually. "Gronk" even sounds like a caveman name. Not going anywhere with this, but I notice stuff.

Anyway, future installments will feature John Cena as Rob's nemesis. The kick itself takes place during the Super Bowl pre-game show. Folks can place a free make or miss pick to win a share of $10 million in FanDuel bonus wagers.

Last year, FanDuel said folks placing Big Game bets through its service could win a share of $10 million, but only if Rob succeeded. He erred, but FanDuel paid out anyway.

Of course, brands have tried to extend the SB hype funnel, crafting Big Game "events" rather than just placing commercials. Now, we're getting ad-series across Super Bowls?

"I wouldn't say the idea of a series is what spurs engagement," FanDuel EVP, marketing Andrew Sneyd tells Muse. "Rather, FanDuel focuses on being an exciting part of the Super Bowl and helping our biggest sports moment mean even more."

We wondered if the brand considered having Gronk try something a bit different, like throwing a touchdown in coverage. But Sneyd says the field goal redemption angle was simply too good to pass up. 

"Right after he missed last year's kick, Rob had a fresh fire to him and was adamant about getting a shot at redemption," says Sneyd. "We're always striving to come up with new and engaging ways for our customers to interface with our products, and we love this year's twist that puts customers in charge as they make the call on if Rob will make it or miss."

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