Pluto TV Grows Couch Potatoes for the Big Game

No irony here whatsoever

Which brand will take home the 2024 Super Clio for the best Super Bowl commercial? We'll find out on Feb. 12.

For its Super Bowl debut, Paramount-owned free streamer Pluto TV presents a farm where human couch potatoes grow from the soil as they gorge on content.

The spud outfits look exceptionally silly. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Pluto TV | Couch Potato Farm

Haymaker developed the initiative with Imperial Woodpecker director Stacy Wall.

The tone's vaguely similar to last year's Super Clio-winning work from Fox streamer Tubi. Both offer memorably kooky costumes and surreal trappings to hype a message that equates to: "We've got your shows and movies, right here!"

That said, Tubi's rabbits felt kind of malevolent, in a funny-bunny way. Pluto's tater-people just loll in the dirt, glued to various movies and programs, making comments about what flits across their screens.

"I like anything where a hot person throws a glass of wine at another hot person," one says.

"I love romance, but I also love murder. I like romantic murders," proclaims another.

It's like looking into a mirror. Especially for those of us who enjoy dressing up as Yukon Golds.

"At some point over the past decade, the world of television became undeniably crowded and complicated, making audiences yearn for simpler days," says Pluto global SVP, head of consumer marketing Valerie Kaplan. "We're excited to share our brand story with fans nationwide, using our authentic voice, irreverent sense of humor, and an unforgettable crop of couch potatoes who love TV as much as we at Pluto do."

Check out the kitty below. Dude's like: This sucks! Mayo Cat got to hang with Pete Davidson!

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