Get Every Product Advertised During the Super Bowl Dashed to Your Door

A BMW! $50K toward a home! 30 pounds of mayo!

Which brand will take home the 2024 Super Clio for the best Super Bowl commercial? We'll find out on Feb. 12.

Not only will DoorDash advertise during the Super Bowl, the brand plans to deliver every item advertised throughout the Big Game to one lucky viewer.

Updated in real-time, adds new products as Super Bowl ads are released. Once the secret promo code is revealed in DoorDash's Super Bowl commercial, viewers can submit it for a chance to win.

We're talking multiple cars—Kia and VW—700 packages of Reese's PB cups, Oreos, Dove soap, money towards a house, the FanDuel helmet worn by Gronk, Nerds, Pringles and a StateFarm uniform—because legally they can't give you insurance or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The stunt and this teaser, from Wieden+Kennedy Portland and director Mike Diva, feature various brands that have announced Super Bowl spots:

DoorDash | DoorDash All The Ads

"An idea about delivering all the stuff from all the Super Bowls ads was in our original pitch presentation to DoorDash but, I'll be honest, we threw it in as more of 'this would be awesome but it's probably impossible' idea," says Bertie Scrase, CD at  W+K. "There was a real hunger from the team at DoorDash and here at W+K to do something that proved that idea out in the most ambitious way possible."

"The idea needed to have that perfect combination of ludicrous ambition and simplicity. All the stuff from the ads delivered to one person was that. Then the way of getting it all being a special promo code was the big unlock. That felt like something so true and ownable to delivery and ordering. I believe that breakthrough idea came on a Barcelona rooftop bar after a 14 hour shoot."

CLICK HERE to watch all of this year's Super Bowl commercials as they're released. 

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