FanDuel Made a Fake Movie Trailer for Rob Gronkowski's 'Kick of Destiny 2'

Digging deep for the Big Game

Which brand will take home the 2024 Super Clio for the best Super Bowl commercial? We'll find out on Feb. 12.

Rob Gronkowski shows some leg in FanDuel's third and final teaser for its "Kick of Destiny 2 Super Bowl campaign.

Lest you forget, the former NFL tight end will attempt a 25-yard field goal on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Gronk missed a similar try for FanDuel last year during last year. In 2024, he vows redemption. Judging from all the yelling and perspiration in the :90 below, he's ready. Or not.

FanDuel | Kick of Destiny 2 Trailer

This year's stunt from the sportsbook giant will take place during a commercial between the National Anthem and coin toss. An outcome-specific spot follows around halftime.

Folks can place a free make or miss pick to win a share of $10 million in FanDuel bonus wagers.

Wieden+Kennedy New York developed the campaign. Mike Warzin directed through Arts & Sciences. Carl Weathers and John Cena co-star. They're both great, but Gronk's muscular charisma carries the day.

Make that kick! We're behind you, brand booster!

"Kick of Destiny 2" slots into a trend. Brands are seeking to expand the funnel and drum up hype for weeks before the game. The goal is creating an event and heightened consumer engagement, not just a commercial.

FanDuel and Gronk have pretty much written the playbook in this regard, generating millions of impressions and media attention in 2023 and '24.

The new spot, which drops this weekend during NFL playoff action. It gets meta and acknowledges the hype. Rob's right shank poses for photo shoots and appears on faux newscasts and spoof magazine covers.

CLICK HERE to watch all of this year's Super Bowl commercials as they're released. 

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