Coors and DDB Want to Place a Super Bowl Ad in Your Dreams

So you'll wake up … refreshed?

Molson Coors can't run national ads on the Super Bowl because rival AB InBev holds category exclusivity for alcohol. This year, however, the brewer dreamed up a novel way to overcome that disadvantage and generate some Big Game buzz.

Coors Light and Coors Seltzer, working with DDB and Ghost Robot—and in consultation with noted psychologist and researcher Dr. Deidre Barrett—created a campaign designed to put a beer commercial in your dreams.

You watch a specially formulated 90-second video three times before bed, then listen to an eight-hour "stimulus soundscape" developed by composer/producer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith as you slumber. Doing these things, we're told, will summon sweet night visions of Coors.

The film and soundtrack drop here on Feb. 3, four nights before the Chiefs and Buccaneers face off at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. It's all based on the science of Targeted Dream Incubation, so it's 100 percent guaranteed to work. Maybe.

At any rate, it's something different, as we learn in this entertaining project video, shot during a Coors "dream study" by Smuggler director Henry-Alex Rubin:

Coors Big Game Commercial of Your Dreams: Dream Study

Don't let the ethical implications keep you up at night. No one's secretly beaming commercials into your dreams. Yet.

"Anyone can choose to watch or not watch the stimulus video and listen to the soundscape," says Marcelo Pascoa, vp of marketing at Molson Coors. "Some might be curious about what they could potentially experience, while others will be happy to just read about others' dreams. While this is definitely new territory for brands to explore, we've made a point to craft the experience in a way that gives people something great—a refreshing, rejuvenating dream."

Or a freaky beer-fueled nightmare! Both are good.

"We saw the idea initially from DDB, and our first thought was, 'This is amazing and totally unexpected, but will it really work?' " Pascoa recalls. "Once we began working with Dr. Barrett, she guided us to develop a process that is truly effective at compelling people's dreams."

You can catch snippets of the film in the mini-doc above. Looks like fanciful animations of human and animal figures, plus stylized nature scenes with idyllic waterfalls, snow-kissed mountains and verdant valleys. It reminds us of Yes album covers circa 1974, with the Coors logo replacing the band's name.

As for the soundscape, also previewed in the clip, we're in for ambient stylings and mellow electronica. (Punctuated by beer-can pop-tab sound effects? It lasts 480 minutes, so who knows what they snuck in?)

Last month, Xbox and 215 McCann explored guided dreaming in a somewhat similar fashion, though Coors might be the first brand to attempt triggering actual commercials in sleepers' heads.

Coors will air :15 and :06 edits from the project video across national TV, digital platforms and social media in the run-up to Super Bowl LV.


Coors Light + Coors Seltzer – "Big Game Commercial Of Your Dreams"

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