Big Game: Melissa McCarthy, Tour the Sights

She goes 'Somewhere, Anywhere' in song

Melissa McCarthy sings her heart out as she hops around the globe—journeying "Somewhere, Anywhere"—in Zulu Alpha Kilo's splashy Super Bowl :30 for Her husband, comedian/filmmaker Ben Falcone, co-stars.

"The joy and excitement we get from traveling and exploring the world, or even taking a short trip close to home, gives us such wonderful memories," Emmy-winner McCarthy says in campaign materials. "Every time my family travels, we come back as a little bit better versions of ourselves, and we're immediately inspired to start daydreaming about our next trip."

"The fun of travel starts with a world of possibilities, so I hope the ad gives everybody the inspiration to book their next trip with and bring their travel dreams to life," McCarthy says.

As part of the Big Game push, fans who follow the brand on Instagram or TikTok and leave comments on giveaway posts can win $10,000 each in travel credits. 

McCarthy and Falcone also star in other campaign elements rolling out through April across TV, audio, streaming and social channels.

You can hum along with the pair in four more sunny-happy spots below.

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