Ben Stiller, Steve Martin Love Pepsi Zero. Or Is It All an Act?

They really lean into their roles

When actors show emotions, audiences are supposed to buy into the authenticity of their performances. Now, keep that in mind as you watch Ben Stiller and Steve Martin put their acting chops to the test in a pair of Super Bowl ads for Pepsi Zero.

Both are over the moon for the no-calorie drink's taste. But, do they really like it? Or did Pepsi's check clear, so the Hollywood heavyweights are only ... acting?

Stiller is shown battling an alien, part of a painful proposal gone horribly wrong. Then, breaking character, he sips a Pepsi Zero and speaks directly to viewers, expressing his over-the-top love for the cola. (Zoolander makes an appearance, chiming in, "this is really, really ridiculously good tasting.")

The same set-up goes for Martin, who shows his range across frustration, disappointment and joy. But wowza when he drinks that Pepsi Zero, it's like he's going for an Oscar!

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