Alexa Reads Scarlett Johansson's Mind in Cheeky Super Bowl Ad

Colin Jost co-stars in fun Amazon outing

The wizards at Amazon aren't developing a mind-reading skill for Alexa. Yet.

Until they do, however, we can enjoy an entertaining psychic-themed Super Bowl spot starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost.

Made by Lucky Generals and director Wayne McClammy, the film posits that Alexa can, indeed, instantly respond to game-day wishes, whims and unspoken desires. What could possibly go wrong? (Find out in the extended cut below.)

Amazon | Mind Reader

Yeah, it's great to be a glamorous celebrity couple, even if your digital voice assistant that reveals you bought that divine dinner at Amazon-owned Whole Foods. ("Gammy's recipe," indeed!)

"We wanted to cleverly reference how Alexa is getting better and better at answering our questions, while poking fun at how far that should extend," an Amazon rep tells Muse. "Most importantly, we chose this concept because it's funny and relatable."

Tapped for their comedic skills and fan following, Johansson and Jost helped develop jokes for the spot during a three-day shoot last month in New York. (No, that's not their actual home.)

"Customers love Alexa, and we use the Super Bowl to poke fun at ourselves," the rep says.

Alexa herself taught users a thing or two about love in last week's inclusivity initiative from the Ad Council.

A minute-long edit of "Mind Reader" will air during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game, marking Alexa's seventh straight Super Bowl appearance. In 2018, she achieved classic status by losing her voice. Last year, a sex-ay spot starring Michael B. Jordan won the Super Clio, honoring the best big-game commercial. Lucky Generals helped create both campaigns.


Agency – Lucky Generals
Production Company – Hungryman L.A.
Director – Wayne McClammy
Executive Producer  - Mino Jarjoura
Producer  - Rick Jarjoura
Editing – The Den Editorial
Editing Executive Producer - Jennifer Mersis
Offline Editor - Christjan Jordan / Pieter Viljoen
Post Production – Jamm Visual
Colourist - Ricky Gausis
VFX Supervisor – Jake Montgomery
Post Production Producer – Ashley Greyson
Sound Design – Beacon Street Studios
Sound Producer - Kate Vadnais
Sound Engineer - Rommel Molina

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