Why Death Wish Coffee Won't Reveal Its NIL Signings

Because the brew's viewed as a 'performance enhancer,' apparently

Hey, Death Wish Coffee, which three NCAA football players did you sign to promotional contracts?

The brand refuses to say. And the athletes' faces and names won't appear in campaigns. They'll remain anonymous all season long.

It's an odd satirical stunt, based on the notion that downing too much of the brew would violate the league's performance enhancement rules.

Death Wish | Performance Enhancing Coffee

Can they chug Mtn Dew? That stuff'll set your funky chicken-soul free!

Death Wish really did sign some jocks, one each from Ohio State, the University of Michigan and Penn State. It's a playful approach, underscoring how far the NIL phenomenon has wedged itself into the public consciousness. The brand does feel a bit shoehorned, but why roast 'em for trying?

"Drinking more than three cups of our coffee before athletic performance is technically classified as 'performance enhancing," says Death Wish CMO Samantha Siegal. "Our delicious, natural extra kick of caffeine can give you the edge to tackle whatever the day throws at you, even if it's a D1 running back."

Mojo Supermarket devised the NIL strategy. "This very real rule could not have given us a better platform to show how drinking Death Wish Coffee makes you feel," says agency GCD Frank Garcia.

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