Mtn Dew Gets Beaucoup Bizarro in 'Your Soul' Ads

It reveals the true you, we're told

Can Mtn Dew unleash your inner, true self and help you find the courage to explore exhilarating new horizons?

Heck, it's so highly caffeinated, anything's possible!

The PepsiCo brand and TBWA\Chiat\Day N.Y. just spun a distinctly odd 2-minute tale online. It's not a Halloween scenario per se. Yet, oddball transformations, late-night shenanigans and surreal surprises abound.

Mtn Dew | Your Soul Needs Dew

"The campaign creative positions Mtn Dew as not just thirst quenching but soul quenching, which is the perfect claim because it's equal parts bold, audacious and true," says agency CCO Amy Ferguson.

Lensed by Biscuit Filmworks duo Los Perez, it's an impressive piece, by turns campy and earnest, that lets visual and thematic excesses bubble to the top. 

Does it make me want to drink a Dew? I might just stick with iced tea.

Half-minute edits will run across TV and streaming video.

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