There's a 'Screensaver' for Irate NHL Fans Who Hurl Their Remotes

We can't have one? #!@*&%!

No TV set or remote control is safe in R&R Partners' amusingly angry campaign for regional network Bally Sports. The work suggests that hockey fans get murderously enraged—like they'd strangle all humanity!—when their fave teams don't perform as expected during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

That leads, of course, to hurling clickers full force at innocent screens. Sometimes, these remotes get stuck there, embedded in the glass as the games roll on beneath.

Bally proposes a solution...


Alas, it's not just growing the hell up and acting like a decent human already. Instead, the work intros a "Bally Sports TV Screen Saver." The item doesn't fit on the TV, but inflates to cushions remotes. The thing's got its own website

But there's a catch. Per Bally, "Our cautious lawyers are too cautious to let us give these away."

So it's all a tease? A merch-less come-on to plug NHL Playoff games on Bally!?

That makes me so mad! Grrrr... Where's that damn remote!?

True to his name, actor Jeff Harms gives a nicely unhinged performance. The team loved his whiny "combination of salesmanship and pure, unadulterated sports rage," R&R creative chief Guto Araki tells Muse. "We saw him early in the day of callbacks, and to be frank, nobody even came close to him for the next seven freaking hours."

Seven hours of folks acting like maniacs, how fun.

As for the inspiration, "We've all seen the viral videos of sports fans breaking their TVs in frustration," Araki says. "Hockey is always a stressful viewing experience, and the playoffs ratchet that up to 11."

During the shoot, "We had a great day in video village laughing—and ducking the occasional errant remote," he recalls. "Jeff, on the other hand, was the hardest working person in show business, repeatedly screaming at the top of his lungs and luckily avoiding any throwing injuries. However, there were certainly some on-set injuries: multiple TVs were destroyed over the course of our day."


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