'This Is SportsCenter' Returns With U.S. Women's Soccer Stars

Rapinoe, Sauerbrunn and Smith slice into action

ESPN's deadpan, quirky "This Is SportsCenter" campaign returns this week with its first fresh spot in three years.

The :15 from creative agency Arts & Letters and director Jim Jenkins features soccer stars Megan Rapinoe, Becky Sauerbrunn and Sophia Smith of the U.S. Women's National Team. They sit on the floor at ESPN HQ with SportsCenter anchor Nicole Briscoe and munch on oranges. Syracuse mascot Otto the Orange hangs back, supremely chill.

This Is SportsCenter: Orange Slices

This is "This Is SportsCenter," the real deal fans have known and loved since the work bowed in 1994. It's quietly off-kilter, oddly edgy and bang on brand. Welcome back, TISC!

"Orange Slices" bows on Friday, Dec. 30, during the Capital One Orange Bowl, which pits No. 6 Tennessee and No. 10 Clemson.

"Since our last shoot in 2019, we have crafted scripts and prepared for when we could shoot on the Bristol campus again with the best athletes in the world," says Laura Gentile, EVP, commercial marketing at Disney Networks and ESPN. "With incredible events on our sports calendar in the coming days, it's time for the campaign to return."

Such programming includes NFL Wild Card matchups, the NCAA football semis and title game, along with NBA and NHL coverage.

Upcoming "This Is SportsCenter" installments will feature athletes including Olympic track and field gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin, ESPN personalities Elle Duncan, Kevin Negandhi, Jay Harris and Hannah Storm, plus additional team mascots. (And maybe more fresh produce—who knows?)


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