This Soda's Flat Because Trail Runners Like It That Way

You'll get no fizz from Floda

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Some athletes get their faces on cereal boxes, but trail runner Michael Versteeg wound up emblazoned across cans of flat soda instead. He's cool with that.

Michael also stars in ads for the fizz-free beverage, dubbed Floda (FLat sODA) and developed by active lifestyle platform and publisher Outside with an assist from Satisfy Running.

"It's been a long-time pro move to drink flat soda during ultra long-distance runs" for refreshment without belches and cramps, Outside vice president of creative Andrew Lincoln tells Muse. "Most runners who do this pick their favorite soda flavor, crack it open and leave it to go flat. Then they pour it into their water bottles and head on their merry way."

Mike V. provides the narration and metal guitar riffs in this promo, too:

We dub thee "Michael 'Flying' V." Rock on, hirsute runner, don't let carbonation slow you down!

At present, there's one flavor: cola. "The taste of it is best described as a 'Mexican cola'—but, you know, flat," Lincoln says.

Outside produced a small batch for free distribution across social, and invites fans to follow @Trailrunnermag and @SatisfyRunning on IG for info on the drop.

"On top of social giveaways, we are planning on being at some trail running events across the USA and Europe," he adds. "It's really about the community and helping them to keep running or enjoy running. To us, it's successful if it engages the trail runners around their shared passion. And if it helps someone run further or faster than before, we've won."

The team filmed in Sedona, Ariz., along the route of the Cocodona 250 Race—which Verseteeg once won.

"Michael is a personality in the community and this played right in with his vibe," Lincoln says. "We put him on the can to be our version of the Wheaties-box athlete."

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