Gaming Stars Appear on Cereal Boxes for Microsoft Xbox

Mutiny touts wireless controllers

There's famous, and then there's cereal-box-portrait famous.

Gaming influencers sample a taste of the latter in a retro campaign touting the latest Elite wireless controllers for Microsoft's Xbox. Trailer Park's Mutiny crafted the :45 below, which spoofs breakfast ads of the '80s and '90s (fairly accurately) and boasts a silly earworm jingle.

Gamers Myth, Loserfruit and Chica appear, while an anthropomorphic Elite Series 2 controller—portrayed as a prize inside one of the boxes—struts around working magic.

Loserfruit. She even sounds like a cereal.

It's notable that even in the esports era, pre-internet nods to celebrity—such as athlete pics on packaging—retain a certain gravitas. The same dynamic drove Hulu's ads with LaMelo Ball last year.

"This campaign gets to the core of what the Elite Series 2 product family represents exceptional performance, customization, and durability to play like a pro," says Courtney Luk, integrated marketing manager at Xbox "There's an Elite controller for every passionate gamer. No matter what games you like to play, the controller provides you with the best experience for your gaming style."

To that end, Xbox says casual players—those who enjoy Minecraft on weekends or dabbled in Diablo IV demos—make up the target audience, along with hardcore gamers.

Mutiny also created customized controllers and cereal boxes for key content creators, and the campaign will play heavily across social media.

"It was an incredibly fun challenge to bring the unique personality of each of the controllers to life through our visual design and campaign," says Mutiny associate creative director Claire Zimmerman. "We wanted to capture the essence of what makes each controller unique, while still maintaining a cohesive brand identity, which aligned perfectly with the metaphor of cereal flavors."

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