Sergio Ramos Tells the Stories Behind His Tattoos for Budweiser

Deutsch paints a vivid picture

Soccer megastar Sergio Ramos sheds his many tattoos in Deutsch's first work for Budweiser's global football account.

But fans of the Real Madrid and Spanish national team captain needn't fret. His impressive skin illustrations quickly return, helping Ramos tell the story of his rise to greatness. 

Themed "Be a King" and focused on digital, the campaign debuted with an teaser post on Instagram showing a shirtless Ramos, sans body art:


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A minute-long clip restores his vivid tattoos, one by one, as legendary sportscasters Peter Drury, Arlo White and Gary Bloom describe his exploits on the pitch:

Ramos delves into the meaning of his tats in a series of animated clips. First, he explains the crown emblazoned across his right triceps: "I was not born into royalty. And I was not born on the football pitch. I was born on the streets of Camas, on the outskirts of Seville, dreaming of greatness. A greatness I chased relentlessly until I made it come true."


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"The crown reminds me of my journey," he concludes, "and that I am the captain of my destiny."

As for the jungle cat that roars from his back, in this next clip, Ramos says, "All my life I have always attacked the field. Hungry, fierce and courageous … For that is the way of the lion. Always be on the hunt for more."


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The rose across his left hand symbolizes Ramos' love for his family. "Every game I play with passion," he says, "For everything I do on the pitch is for them."


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Those cartoon films seem in step with the notion of skin illustrations. Their simple, evocative style captures the passion soccer devotees feel for the sport. Portraying Ramos as a kind of superhero also makes sense, reflecting how great players are viewed by their adoring fans.

The campaign launched as he became Spain's most capped player of all time, marking his 168th appearance in international matches. For folks who can't get enough of those natty tats, special-edition Bud bottles depicting his body art are available, and these unlock exclusive content.

"Tattoo culture is a global phenomenon, and we loved the idea that we could tell stories of achievement through ink," says Deutsch executive creative director James Cowie. "That's how we landed on Sergio Ramos. Most of Sergio's tattoos correspond directly to stories that explain his achievements. So then, when we thought about his journey as a player, we loved the idea of revisiting him at the beginning of his career, without any tattoos, and re-inking them, one by one, as a way of reliving his achievements on the pitch."  

He adds: "Budweiser is making a big push into football precisely because of its global appeal. 'Be a King' as a brand platform is about creating stories of ambition to inspire young people all across the globe. It's not so much about celebrating footballers on the pitch so much as celebrating who they are off the pitch and the ambition that drives them. Because that's something that young ambitious people can relate to the world over."

In terms of production hurdles, "one of the big challenges was faithfully recreating his tattoos in CGI," Cowie says. "We had to create a very detailed digital map of his body, and that meant Sergio had to stand still for us in a camera rig for about 30 minutes under the blazing Madrid sun until the guys at The Mill had everything they needed to 're-ink' his body perfectly." 

"Budweiser is proud to celebrate the journey of Sergio Ramos as a king of global football and one of the greatest players of his generation," says Budweiser Global vice president Steve Arkley. "We're excited to spotlight his story in such a unique way for football fans worldwide with the ambition of inspiring them to step up and pursue their greatness." 

One question remains. Does this king have tats? Do we even want to know?


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