Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort Helps Guide FuboTV Rebrand

Kevin Garnett and Mark Sanchez star

NBA icon Kevin Garnett, aka "The Big Ticket," shares his thoughts on rebranding FuboTV in one of three :30s developed by Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort and the streamer's in-house team.

In fact, the company chose to simply drop "TV" from its name. Though Kevin's suggestion of "The Big Kick-It" (because Fubo helps you kick cable) packs a certain egomaniacal charm:

Next, NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez riffs on the "butt fumble" phenomenon:

Dude, it's your legacy. Own it.

Finally, office humor goes berserk in a spot lacking stars but featuring an awesomely asinine display of destruction:

Tagged "If Sports Fans Built a Streaming Service," the push targets digital-savvy viewers in a style they'll appreciate. For sports fanatics, the jokes hit. They're silly, sarcastic, but not biting—so, classic Ryan Reynolds—and never fly too far afield.

"The reason Maximum Effort believes in Fubo is it's the one product that captures the best of cable and the best of streaming, while having the very meaningful differentiator of live sports," says Ryan, a company investor, in campaign materials. "While cable fights cord-cutters and streaming services fight the cash content war, Fubo is building an experience and suite of services that can win."

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