Pete Davidson's Way Too Jazzed About Totino's Pizza Rolls

That's a rad tracksuit, bro!

Know what tickles Pete Davidson's funny bone on game day? The sight of some dude falling to the ground and lying there with pizza toppings all over his face after trying to carry a bunch of pies:

Totino's | Pete's Pregame

Why bother to see if the guy's OK? Pete's too busy scarfing down Totino's pizza rolls in football-themed spots that drop today from Dentsu Creative.

Next, he models a goofy tracksuit, turning the living-room into a high-tech pizza bash or something:

Totino's | Pete's Za Party

The brand tapped commercial stalwart Davidson based on his comic chops and cross-generational appeal among mainstream viewers.

"The campaign will resonate with both teens and their parents," Taylor Roseberry, brand experience manager for Totino's, tells Muse. 

"We know teens have heavy influence over the snacks their parents buy, so we needed to create a campaign that sparks teens' interest that also shows parents the ease of choosing Totino's Pizza Rolls," Rosenberry says. "We see a lot of engagement from teens with our absurdly funny social content, and Pete's sense of humor builds on that."

Such schtick is Davidson's specialty, honed to snarky-but-likable perfection for a range of brands. Here, he delivers bite-sized morsels that score without overstaying their welcome (much like the saucy/doughy nuggets themselves).

"Pete was great to work with on-set. He is truly as funny in-person, on the spot, as he is in the content he releases," says Dentsu GCD Alyssa Ollis. "He loved to riff lines with his team— Judah Miller and Dave Sirus—who have been long-time partners with Pete. The chemistry and comedy was relaxed and as fun as you'd hope it would be."

Kris Mercado directed.

The push includes a Spanish-language commercial that will run during Univision's first-ever live Spanish Super Bowl coverage. Pete doesn't appear in that one. It's part of an integration that also hypes Tapatio brand hot sauce.

Totino's | Hang Time

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